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Sun Sep 13, 2020 8:46 am

A suggestion to make this new website better:

Background: I have decided to go through the acoustic genius series again in a more deliberate and systematic way. On the old website, I recall the acoustic genius lessons organized and presented in a manner that was easy to follow and allow the student to recall easily what he/she had already reviewed. With the new site, when I use the filter (category and subcategory) to choose the acoustic genius series, I do get a list of videos to watch, but they don't seem organized in any particular way, from what I can tell. I see videos about guitar geography, "What chord was that", vocal lessons, etc, but I don't see any easy to follow organization of videos.

Suggestion: Organize filter search results in a way that allows students to see perhaps a list of available topics in the acoustic genius series, and allow links from that list to a series of the videos pertaining to the selected topic. For example, if I click on "courses/series" in the category menu, and "acoustic genius series" in the subcategory menu, I might expect to see a list of of topics, such as major scales, minor scales, chord theory, ear training, guitar geography, modes, etc. I would click on an item from this list, taking me to a series of videos on that particular topic.

Thanks for considering.

By the way, is the old website still avialable?

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Sun Sep 13, 2020 11:24 am

Hi Jay,

Thanks for the suggestions and I will see what I can do to streamline those files. In the meantime the old site is still accessible -

If you search under 'Courses/Series' - 'Acoustic Genius Series' and add 'Fundamentals' in the top search box the seven lessons in that series come up, just not quite in order.


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