Dan Fogelberg’s guitar Étude #3

If you know of a song that you think would make a good lesson, here is the place to bring it up. As of May, 2015 we have over 800 song lessons but are always on the lookout for more. Be sure to point out what about the song makes it a good candidate, unique or unusual, a particular part that interests you, or just that you think a bunch of members would enjoy it. An embedded video would be helpful as well.
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Sat Jul 11, 2020 12:52 pm

Quite sometime ago I requested a lesson on Dan Fogelberg’s guitar etude #3. It is a lovely piece with an alto flute solo. I bought the music for the alto flute solo and it included the piano music and guitar chords, which I converted to a different chord structure. I worked out the song in a progression that uses almost no bar chords and has a jazz counter melody line for the background cords that moves 1/2 to 1 whole step on the melody throughout the song. I am recording it the first week in August. I will send you a copy if you like. The rhythm is very complex and highly syncopated. Somewhere between a bossa nova and a samba but switching a bit. You might want to tab it out and present it. If you would like, I could do it for you. The original tempo is very fast, 166 bpm as I timed it. You can always listen to the original recording and present your own lesson on how to do it, since you like to use bar chords. Bar chords are hard on my old fingers but sometimes unavoidable.

Best regards and love your lessons,

Robert Bert