Looper 101

If you know of a song that you think would make a good lesson, here is the place to bring it up. As of May, 2015 we have over 800 song lessons but are always on the lookout for more. Be sure to point out what about the song makes it a good candidate, unique or unusual, a particular part that interests you, or just that you think a bunch of members would enjoy it. An embedded video would be helpful as well.
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Wed Jul 22, 2020 3:51 pm

I've really enjoyed many of Max's lessons that leverage a looper, but using a looper has been hit and miss for me, mostly in the miss category. Not sure about other members, but I'd love a lesson set that is specifically focused on looping itself, not with loops as a sub-section like learning a new chord, but at the main focus. I think more than anything it requires practice, but some practical instruction with a couple examples would be great.