Darcy Farrow by John Denver

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Wed Apr 07, 2021 12:02 pm

Hey Gang, Today we take a look at Darcy Farrow by John Denver, which features a great fingerpicking intro in Dropped D Tuning.

Darcy Farrow is a tragic ballad written by Steve Gillette and Tom Campbell in 1964. It was first recorded by Canadian duo Ian & Sylvia the next year, but really hit it big when John Denver recorded it for his album Rocky Mountain High in 1972. John's arrangement tightened up the chord progression a bit, and started with a great fingerpicking intro. The song is played in Dropped D Tuning and John capoed it to the 3rd fret.

This lesson goes into great detail about the intro, outro, as well as a little variation in the solo, and presents some options about picking patterns that can be used to accompany the verses.