Maria Muldaur - Sweetheart (Waitress In A Donut Shop)

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Wed Jan 25, 2023 12:57 pm

Hey Everybody,
Here is the song that got me on my Dan Hicks kick a couple weeks ago. [url]Sweetheart[/url] was written by Ken Burgan and was a highlight on The Hot Licks album Last Train To Hicksville. The original featured Maryann Price on vocals. Maria Muldaur covered it and made it the title tune on her second album in 1974 (Waitress In A Donut Shop). This lesson looks mostly at her version, although some of the subtle differences may be addressed in a follow-up segment if there is interest.

Maria Muldaur had a big hit with Midnight At The Oasis. Her follow up album, Waitress In A Donut Shop, included her version of Sweetheart, a song written by Ken Burgan and first done by Dan Hicks And His Hot Licks. Maryann Price had the lead vocal in that version and Maria was inspired to add it to her second album.

The song features many jazz voicings of chords, pretty much changing every two beats. The lesson goes over a few different ways to play most of the chords, and a percussive, comping style common to old jazz tunes.