On the Beat - Episode 253 - Weekly Guitar Video News Wrap Up July 25th, 2014

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Fri Jul 25, 2014 5:02 pm

Hi Everyone,

The Weekly Wrap Up is ready!


http://www.totallyguitars.com/blog/guit ... 25th-2014/

This week we reconnected with a couple old timers who jumped back into the Forum, along with some new folks.
Welcome to everybody. As today’s News unfurled there was the regular rundown of new stuff with a few thoughts
on strings (coated or not), tunings (the Steve Stills question), and an encouraging plug for an upcoming album that
everybody should consider adding to their library. This was tied into today’s new lesson, Hold On by J.J. Cale.

Speaking of strings, I was even tempted into changing mine during the News as the quality had deteriorated way beyond
acceptable. Maybe soon we’ll get back to practical advice and a quick demonstration of my approach.

The new stuff included The Eagles’ Love Will Keep Us Alive, the last installment of Whodunit, a Fly video with Fred working
on In My Life
, my take on Lagrima, and the already mentioned J.J. Cale tune Hold On.

There was a significant amount of butchered guitar playing scattered throughout the News today, ending with a rough take
on the jazzy piece I hinted at last week, Jordu by Duke Jordan. Maybe next week it will be presentable.

Stay Tuned & In Touch,