Buying a guitar.

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Thu Nov 24, 2022 1:48 pm

Hi Neil. Some time ago you asked for topic suggestions for the Forum. Might I suggest the `minefield` of buying a guitar. ? Maybe, like me, board members have bought guitars without knowing enough about the different types/styles, and lived to regret it.Perhaps you could give some advice on certain things to consider? Guitars for those with small hands for exampleAlso, why are parlour guitars becoming so popular? Advantages or otherwise of 12 frets to the body as opposed to 14 frets. The main differences between a strumming guitar and a finger picking one . What about steel string players buying a classical guitar (Fusion style ?) The question of nut width also feeps coming up. I`m sure there are other areas where your advice would be very useful. If you have gone through all this before, apologies. Best wishes Brom.

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Wed Jan 04, 2023 8:32 pm

Hello Brom,
As someone who has owned, bought, sold many ‘pieces’ through the years I may be able to enlighten you on your question about purchasing a guitar. As in so many things, it ‘depends’.
It’s a question that’s really un-answerable. Best answer I can think of is to listen to a particular song;

Guy Clark’s - ‘The Guitar’.

Hope that helps, and a warm welcome to TG.

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