Guitar Geography: Intervals Webinar - Post Your Questions!

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Fri Nov 10, 2023 11:53 pm

Hey TG Family!

We're thrilled to announce our upcoming webinar series, "Guitar Geography: Intervals - Your Roadmap to Fretboard Mastery,"

📅 Date: November 18th, 2023
🕖 Time: 12 PM PST

What to Expect:
This series is your roadmap to understanding the fretboard. Neil will delve into the intricate world of notes, scales, and intervals, providing you with the tools to master the fretboard like never before.

How to Join:
Register using the link above and mark your calendars so you don't miss it.

Post Your Questions Below:

To make this experience even more tailored to you, we invite you to post your questions, thoughts, and topics you'd love Neil to cover during the webinar. Your engagement will shape the direction of our discussions.

Let's make this a collaborative learning experience! Drop your questions below, and let's get ready for an enriching journey into fretboard mastery.

See you there!

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Mon Nov 13, 2023 7:26 am

Neil- In playing triads up the neck, are there different “feels” with first inversion and second inversions? Do they stress the third or the fifth differently and does that matter? Or is it more about finding places for the melody or bass line? Is it the same with major and minor triads?


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