I could use some lessons on these songs

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Sat Nov 04, 2023 10:35 am

Hi all, It’s me Robert from IGC. I finally got to come up for air! Work has been, well, :shock:

Well Neil, here are the songs on my to do list with a few notes:

Witchy Woman- Eagles- three guitar parts on this but none too out there, but the arrangement is cool and a bit tricky. The shell cords used are hard get the right sound.

One by one- Doobies- Tricky fast piano part with equally tricky funky guitar. from Pat or John McFee. Off the one step closer album, I think. Lyrics are awesome and touched a nerve in in my youth. I need help with fitting the guitar with those MM piano licks. Good song for learning rock- funk crossover.

Earl of Salisbury Pavane as done by acoustic alchemy as a duet. You mentioned this was a song you knew from an old album back in your youth. I would like to do the duet version by AA if you can help me with it.

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Sat Nov 04, 2023 5:56 pm

Hi Robert,

Nice to hear from you after IGC. I have been planning a lesson on The Earl Of Salisbury but will start with John Renbourn's solo arrangement.

The Acoustic Alchemy arrangement really just separated the solo version into two parts, each essentially alternating phrases. It would be easy to do that once you knew the solo version, and had a partner to play with.

You know I am a big Al Stewart fan. Here is his song based on it.

Witchy Woman is a basic progression but has some great dueling electric licks and fills. Even The Eagles didn't seem to try an acoustic version but I will keep that one under consideration.

Less likely is the Doobies tune but I won't write it off completely just yet.


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