Missing Lessons and TAB Files

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Sat Mar 21, 2009 9:46 pm

To the TG Community,

I think I have touched on this in a small way on the Blog but I wanted everybody to be able to easily find the answer to the most popular question of the week. As we transition into the new site there are a lot of things that are working differently. Without getting too much into details, I am working frantically to get the TAB to old videos back online.

More importantly, I am transcoding, re-encoding, uploading, decoding, etc. the videos that are Part 2 of the mini-lessons that refer you to this site for more of the story. These Part 2 videos are basically finished but still need some additional processing to work properly at our new and improved TotallyGuitars.com.

We decided that since almost everything else was ready, to make the change now, rather than wait for all the video bugs to be ironed out. I expect to start getting the videos up soon, hopefully a few a day.

Stay tuned and in touch,