Digg videos instead of blogs

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Thu Apr 09, 2009 1:39 pm

First of all, I've to say that the layout and the design of this website are fantastic. The interface is very inviting and friendly.

Now, on to what I wanted to point out. I'm pretty new to this site and I noticed the blog digging feature. It's explained in this particular blog. I was wondering how effective this actually would be in bringing in new audience. If you notice the digg count on all the blogs, it's really low. The reason, I suppose, is because the blogs aren't the highlighting feature of this site - the videos are. So why not have 'digging' feature for the videos instead of the blogs?
I can imagine more people discovering this great site through the videos rather than the blogs. The digg count might increase substantially too. Imagine having a digg post which says "Learn how to play Norwegian Wood on the guitar". That would garner more interest than tidbits of information about Neil Hogan's personal life (no disrespect intended - just making a point). The blogs are pieces of information for people who've already joined the site and I doubt it would interest new comers.

Am I right in this or did I miss a point?