What Would You Pay to Learn Directly From Neil?

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Sun Apr 26, 2009 2:53 pm

Neil is a terriffic player and instructor who deserves all the success he can find. His site is a valuable resource for any guitarists that want to learn technique or songs. For me, some sort of affordable membership would be useful but remember not every player is interested in all the songs Neil teaches. For example, there are only a few Beatles songs that I care for but I love the Greg Lake stuff. Everyone will be different.

I'm an old fart and really enjoy the 60's and 70's music Neil plays (it's what attracted me to the site) but I can only learn one or two songs at a time while still keeping up on my regular tunes. I pay $100/mo for private lessons so the only way I could justify Neil is either on a per song basis or a small monthly fee. And only then if the full song WITH TAB was available. Maybe $10/song with a quantity discount. Or $10-15/ mo. Sure, Neil is worth far more than that but many (or most) guitar players aren't wealthy and there is only so many learning dollars to go around, especially in this economy.

I'm very skeptical of real-time video learning. Maybe I'm technologically challenged but my internet just isn't fast enough to make this concept practical. It would seem I'd spend more time waiting for the sounds and video to catch up rather than learning something.

Just watching Neil play doesn't get it done for me. I need to watch him, then use the tab to see the notes and chords played, then go back to the video aagain. It's a long, slow process. I need to be able to download the lessons so I don't have to be on line to use them and I can loop them better. Also, if this site is going to be a commercial venture, as it clearly was from the beginning, the quality of the product could be greatly enhanced. Many other seasoned video learning resources do it better with split screens, scrolling tab or chords, stc.

So here's to your success Neil and I hope my 2 cents helps!!

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