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Sun May 03, 2009 1:53 pm

I have had a number of guitars over the years, but they have all been in the production model classification. I have been playing a Taylor 414 for years, and while it sounds great, I was never really happy with how it sounded while fingerpicking. I decided to look for something with a cedar top that I could have in addition to my Taylor. I wandered into a small guitar dealer not long ago and they really didn't have anything I was looking for. Most of the inventory was lower end beginner quality. As I was walking out, the guy said I should check out a guitar he had on consignment in the back. It turned out to be awesome. It wasn't cedar, but when I played it, it was crisp, clear and had great tone. I ended up buying it. The manufacturer is Marc Beneteau from Canada. He only makes about 15 guitars a year, and I lucked into one at a killer price. So now I have two, but can you ever have too many?